Upcoming workshop on College Majors and Careers

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On Tuesday, August 12, career development specialist Danielle Menditch, MSW, will be offering a free workshop for high school and college students and their parents.  Entitled "Using Reverse Engineering to Discover Your Educational Path," the workshop will help participants explore their educational options (majors, minors, and various areas of study) from a different [...]

Good High School Grades Do More Than Help Students Get Into College

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It goes without saying that high school students with higher grades generally have a better chance of getting into college.  But getting good grades in high school also improves one's chances of earning more money in his or her career. A recent study by researchers at the University of Miami found that [...]

What Does Having a College Degree Really Mean?

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It seems to be common knowledge these days that, to get a “good” job, you need a college degree.  Indeed, a 2010 report published by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce predicted that by 2018, 63% of jobs in the U.S. will require post-secondary education. But once you [...]

Surveys Show the Value of a Liberal Arts Education

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At a recent presentation, a parent asked me, "What would you recommend as the best college and best major?"  I said I really couldn't answer that question, as there is no "best school" or "best major" for everyone; rather, both of these things are specific to each individual.  I went on to [...]

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