The most important part, to me, of hiring Sara was my relationship with [my daughter] Clare.  We don’t always see eye to eye on how to accomplish things . . . it tends to cause a lot of stress between us and it was really important, this last year of her being with us, that it be a positive year for us . . . hiring Sara took all that pressure away . . . it was a very positive experience as a parent.
Margaret, Denver, Colorado
When you look at how much is at stake for your son or daughter at this particular juncture in their life and how much you’re investing as parents, it really made Sara’s services seem all the more important and it made her fee seem all the more reasonable . . . my daughter is thrilled with where she’s going, I’m thrilled with where she’s going, and I look at the investment we made in Sara’s help as one of the smartest things I’ve ever done . . . we are using Sara again for our second daughter, and that should speak for itself.
Mark, Denver, CO
I just wanted to express how grateful I am for all the help Marci has given me throughout the application process. I probably wouldn’t have had anywhere near the experience I have had with her help if I had approached this crazy adventure by myself. Marci has really helped me discover exactly who I am and what I want from my college experience. I’m beyond excited to start my first year at University of Washington and am feeling that I most definitely made the best decision for myself.
Daniel, Niwot, CO

Lindsay, Denver, CO (Lindsay’s “dream school” is Stanford University)

What a stroke of luck that Sara took my son’s case!  Joe . . . had been in the military for the six years since his graduation from high school, and had finished about two years of college online.  Now, he was ready to find a state university with an outstanding pre-med program, and he didn’t know where to begin.  Sara was undeterred.  She worked tirelessly to find the information he needed, the ins and outs of applying to college as a veteran, transferring military and academic credits, and much, much more.  She gained his trust with her sensible and down-to-earth advice, her quiet encouragement and support.  What impressed me most of all was Sara’s overarching commitment to Joe, a commitment that showed in every aspect of her relationship with him, and even in her willingness to address my questions and concerns about the process.  Thanks to Sara’s unstinting efforts on his behalf, Joe was able to make good application decisions, and . . . he was accepted at his first choice school, the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
Anne, New York, New York
Sara was a perfect fit for me . . . She helped me walk through all the decisions relating to transferring to another school.  Sometimes she listened to my needs, sometimes she gave me honest advice and direction . . . At all times, I felt like she had my best interests at heart, and she worked long and hard hours just for me.  Today, I’m attending the University of Denver and couldn’t be happier with my decision to transfer.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think I could have gotten into the school if it weren’t for Sara.  She helped me get through everything, each step of the way.  So thank you, Sara, for helping me fulfill my dream.
Hannah, Colorado Springs, CO
I wanted to thank you, Marci, for ALL of your help and let you know that we simply could not have done this without your help and guidance. My daughter was able to navigate through the essay process and applications confidently with your support. I appreciate ALL of your research and support and kindness you showed us both during this LONG effort.
Christa, Lafayette, CO
Sara gave an incredible presentation to our entire junior class and their parents concerning the entire “college process”.  Her presentation was concise, well organized, timely, and easy for parents to understand.  She was open to feedback and prior to the evening sent me a copy of her presentation so that I could review it and ensure that she addressed issues in a manner that was custom fit for our population.  We now have several families working with Sara for extra support and she has been excellent at communicating with us as counselors to ensure we are all on the same page.  I highly recommend her as a presenter as well as a college consultant.
Kimberly Gannett, High School Counselor for 17 years, Peak to Peak Charter School, Lafayette, CO

Vanessa's card

Vanessa, Denver, CO

We were not sure how to begin the college search process with our twin boys, Nate and Ethan.  We wanted to separate ourselves from the process so that it would be informed individually by each boy.  Marci worked directly with the boys to get to know them, their respective academic strengths and weaknesses, their many interests and, I expect, their (at times) off-kilter senses of humor.  A list of possible schools for each boy began to materialize, which reflected Marci’s knowledge of the schools and, most importantly, Nate and Ethan.  It was the boys’ responsibility to coordinate appointments with Marci, complete college research assignments, draft essays and coordinate college visits, all with Marci’s expert input and guidance.   In the end, the college they each ultimately chose (yes, the same one) was not really on the radar screen when the process with Marci began.  We could not be happier with the boys’ respective choices, the way Marci interacted with them and how the process played out.  We would highly recommend Marci to any high school student readying for their next step.

Marci, Denver, CO
We truly appreciated the work Sara did with our son, Jake.  Jake was very uncertain about college when he began working with Sara.  He wasn’t sure what kind of school he preferred, what he wanted to major in, or even if he should attend college right after high school or take a gap year.  Sara helped Jake learn about himself, identify the criteria that were most important to him, and explore different options.  She also helped him complete applications, assisting him in drafting an explanation of the inconsistencies in his transcript and in writing essays that demonstrated who he was beyond his grades and test scores.  It was fascinating to see Jake’s thinking evolve throughout the process, and we were thrilled when he not only was admitted to all the colleges he applied to, but also offered significant scholarship money from all of them.  We have no doubt that Jake’s college admissions outcomes were in large part due to Sara’s help.
Annie, Denver, CO
Ashton began the college admissions process with a fairly solid idea of the type of school she wanted and what she wanted to study.  Sara encouraged her to consider a variety of options and recommended colleges that Ashton would not have known about or thought to investigate on her own.  Sara provided scholarship information for the colleges on Ashton’s list and helped Ashton keep track of all the requirements and deadlines for her admission and scholarship applications.  Ashton had to write several different essays, and Sara helped her identify topics and organize her thoughts in an effective way.  Ashton was admitted to all of the colleges to which she applied, and she is thrilled to be attending the University of Florida this fall!  We are very thankful to Sara for her help with the process.
J.W., Westcliffe, CO
I am so appreciative of all the hard work Sara put in with my daughter, Maggie. It really took the burden off of my wife and me and brought out the best in Maggie. I am very happy that Maggie is so delighted with her decision to attend Cal Poly. I am so thankful to Sara for helping to make that happen. I will happily suggest her services to all my friends!
Evan, Denver, CO
Thank you, Marci, for your help. Because of you, my son is staying focused and on track with his college resume and applications.
Barbara, Boulder, CO
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