The Perils of “Achievement Culture”

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In November, I attended a webinar with Jennifer Breheny Wallace, author of Never Enough: When Achievement Culture Becomes Toxic and What We Can Do About It.  During the hour-long webinar, I typed nearly four pages of single-spaced notes, and while I will do my best to summarize them, I highly recommend [...]

Deferred? Demonstrate Continued Interest

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Many high school seniors received college admissions decisions in December.  Some were excited to be admitted, others were disappointed to be denied, and still others may have been confused because they were deferred.  If you applied early action or early decision and received a deferral, this means the college is [...]

When Writing College Essays, Read the Prompt

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Have you ever sent a text or email asking someone two simple questions, such as “What day and time would you like to meet?” only to get a response which provides just one of the answers? It happens to me frequently. Not reading these sorts of questions carefully and failing [...]

Understanding Demonstrated Interest

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When colleges consider applicants, they are interested in several factors. At the majority of institutions, the most important factors are whether students challenged themselves in high school and took the most rigorous classes available to them, as well as their GPA. But, colleges consider other factors too, such as letters [...]

How to Respond to Colleges’ Diversity Essay Prompts

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In July, I wrote a blog post about the Supreme Court decision that ended affirmative action in college admissions. One area impacted by this change is college essays. Because colleges which accept federal funding (almost every public or private institution) can no longer overtly consider an applicant’s race, many are [...]

The End of Affirmative Action in College Admissions

By |2023-07-09T21:29:33+00:00July, 11, 2023|College Admissions, College Applications, College Essays, Financial Aid|

In a 6-3 decision announced on June 29, the Supreme Court ruled that the use of race in college admissions (a.k.a. affirmative action) is unconstitutional. No matter your opinion, the Court's ruling will impact college applicants, colleges themselves, legacy admissions, financial aid and college essays. This blog post will summarize [...]

College Admissions Lessons from Netflix’s Never Have I Ever

By |2023-06-27T15:35:30+00:00June, 27, 2023|College Admissions, College Applications, College Fit, College Research, College Visits|

I recently finished watching the fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever on Netflix.  The show chronicles how the main character, Devi Vishwakumar, and her friends navigate the academic, social, and romantic challenges of high school. In the fourth season, Devi is a senior at a public high [...]

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

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Discovery College Consulting's 22 students in the Class of 2023 were admitted to 75 different colleges, which are pictured to the right (click the image to enlarge it).  They will be attending the following schools: American University College of Charleston College of Wooster Colorado School of Mines Loyola University Chicago [...]

How Many AP/IB/CE Classes Should You Take?

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At many high schools, students will soon be selecting their courses for next year, if they haven't done so already.  When talking with my students about what classes they're going to choose, they often ask, "How many AP (or IB or concurrent enrollment) classes should I take?"  What they are [...]

Discovery College Consulting in the News

By |2023-03-08T15:36:16+00:00March, 8, 2023|College Admissions, College Preparation|

In January, Sara was interviewed for a U.S. News & World Report article on senioritis.  The article explains how senioritis and a resulting drop in grades second semester can pose a threat to one’s college acceptances.  Additionally, it offers tips for how students can overcome senioritis and finish their senior year [...]

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