Deferred? Demonstrate Continued Interest

Many high school seniors received college admissions decisions in December.  Some were excited to be admitted, others were disappointed to be denied, and still others may have been confused because they were deferred.  If you applied early action or early decision and received a deferral, this means the college is [...]

The Pros and Cons of Colleges’ Parent Facebook Groups

Almost as soon as a student commits to attending a specific college, their parents will receive information about that university’s parent Facebook group. While the groups can provide valuable information on what to pack in addition to XL twin sheets and how much spending money a student needs per month, [...]

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Coming Soon: The New FAFSA

Just in time for the holidays, the U.S. Department of Education is giving families the gift of a new and improved FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  Set to be released in December, an exact date has not yet been announced.  But before you add "completing the FAFSA" to [...]

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COVID’s Impact on Students’ Transition to College

It has been nearly four years since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  Since then, considerable research has been conducted on the pandemic's impact on students, both in terms of academic performance and mental health.  In a previous blog post, we discussed how Covid resulted in learning loss and impeded students' development [...]

When Writing College Essays, Read the Prompt

Have you ever sent a text or email asking someone two simple questions, such as “What day and time would you like to meet?” only to get a response which provides just one of the answers? It happens to me frequently. Not reading these sorts of questions carefully and failing [...]

Fall is College Fair Season

I recently attended an event where everyone was asked to introduce themselves and to say their favorite thing about fall.  Common answers included changing leaves, cooler temperatures, various types of pumpkin foods, and Halloween.  But for high school students (and their parents), fall should bring to mind another important occurrence: [...]

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Understanding Demonstrated Interest

When colleges consider applicants, they are interested in several factors. At the majority of institutions, the most important factors are whether students challenged themselves in high school and took the most rigorous classes available to them, as well as their GPA. But, colleges consider other factors too, such as letters [...]

How to Respond to Colleges’ Diversity Essay Prompts

In July, I wrote a blog post about the Supreme Court decision that ended affirmative action in college admissions. One area impacted by this change is college essays. Because colleges which accept federal funding (almost every public or private institution) can no longer overtly consider an applicant’s race, many are [...]

The End of Affirmative Action in College Admissions

In a 6-3 decision announced on June 29, the Supreme Court ruled that the use of race in college admissions (a.k.a. affirmative action) is unconstitutional. No matter your opinion, the Court's ruling will impact college applicants, colleges themselves, legacy admissions, financial aid and college essays. This blog post will summarize [...]

Parents: Empower Your College Student to Use Campus Resources and Services

Guest blog post by Beth Howland, College Student Success Coach As a parent, you probably are aware that a world of possibilities awaits your college-bound child. While it’s understandable that parents emphasize the importance of students embracing and making the most of opportunities, it’s equally important for students to understand [...]

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