Denver college consultant, Denver college consulting, Denver college counselor, Denver college counselingDo you have a learning disability, ADHD, and/or learning differences?  Do you feel that you will need extra support to succeed in college?  If so, you should consider the University of Denver (DU).

I recently had the opportunity to meet with the director of DU’s Learning Effectiveness Program, or LEP.  The program provides academic counseling, tutoring, and organizational support.  This year, 250 students are participating in LEP — the largest number in the program’s history.

LEP is not limited to students with the aforementioned issues; the program also offers academic support for students with social/emotional issues.  For example, there are 15 students in the program who have Asperger’s syndrome.   Students without an official diagnosis may apply for LEP and their eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

LEP is a fee-for-service program, meaning that participating students/their parents pay an additional fee on top of tuition.  Although the program is not covered by financial aid, scholarships are available.  It is recommended that students apply to LEP at the same time they apply to DU.

Some students participate in LEP for just one year; others stay in the program throughout their college careers.  Typically, LEP students meet at least once/week with an academic counselor who helps them plan their homework for the week; assists them with developing organizational, study, and self-advocacy skills; and refers them to other resources on campus, if necessary.

LEP students also can take advantage of one-on-one tutoring provided by professors, graduate students, and senior undergraduate students.  Tutors are well-trained and work closely with LEP’s academic counselors.

Finally, participants in LEP have access to an Organizational Specialist who can provide additional support with organizational skills and time management, beyond that provided by the academic counselors.

For more information on the Learning Effectiveness Program, visit its website.