Is National Honor Society “Worth It?”

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National Honor Society (NHS) was founded in 1921 and, according to the organization's website, it is "much more than an honor roll."  Rather, "NHS is a distinctive multifaceted learning experience that provides a solid and meaningful foundation for life." To be eligible for membership, students must be in grades 10-12 [...]

Which Activities Look Best on College Applications?

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If you're a high school student or the parent of one, that title probably got your attention.  Students (and parents) frequently ask me this question as they contemplate what they (their child) can get involved in that will help them (their child) stand out on college applications.  The answer, which [...]

Record Your Activities Early in Your High School Career

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Every fall, I see high school seniors struggle to fill out the activities section of their college applications.  For most students, the hardest part is trying to describe each activity in 150 characters or fewer, as required by the Common Application.  Yet for some students, the difficulties revolve around remembering what [...]

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