Upcoming College Fairs

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Just as the fall is a popular time for college admissions officers to visit high schools, it's also when most college fairs are held.  In the next couple months, there will be several fairs in the Denver area.  Click the links below to learn more about each fair, including which [...]

High Point University: Intentionality and Personalization

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When entering the gates of High Point University, immediately you are treated like someone special. Driving in from the gate, you will see your name on a parking space to welcome you to your visit. From that moment on, you are met with opportunities, personalized touches, friendly people, and intentional [...]

Trinity University: A Great Place for Academic Exploration

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At a time when more and more students are feeling pressured to choose a major long before they set foot on a college campus, Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas (not to be confused with Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut) takes the opposite approach.  In fact, Trinity students are discouraged from declaring [...]

The College Fairs Are Coming!

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Apparently, Paul Revere never actually uttered the famous words, "The British are coming!"  Yet, in the spirit of that misquote, the college fairs are, indeed, coming to Denver (and probably to your city, if you live elsewhere).  Fall is a popular time for college fairs, and below is information about and [...]

Making the Most of a College Visit

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Many people wonder about the need for a college visit, especially when most colleges now offer virtual tours.  Yet, if you ask these same people if they’d buy a house without seeing it or a car without driving it, the answer is usually an emphatic “no!”  Given the emotional and [...]

You’ve Been Accepted; Now, Where Should You Enroll?

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March is an important month for high school seniors: by the end of it, most students will know which colleges admitted them and which didn't.  Students may know April 1 as April Fool's Day, but, it is also the date by which many colleges release their admissions decisions.  Students then have until [...]

How to Begin the College Search Process

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  As spring approaches, many high school juniors and their parents are beginning to feel the impending pressure of college, if they haven’t been feeling it already.  For those who are just beginning their college search, the prospect may seem overwhelming.  With more than 4,700 colleges in the United States [...]

Maximizing Your Time at a College Fair

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The start of school marks the arrival of another important fall ritual: college fairs, which are gatherings of representatives from colleges.  Typically, the representatives will have tables on which they’ll display brochures and materials from the college.  Some fairs are limited to local or in-state colleges, while others include schools [...]

Radio Interview About College Fairs

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On August 9, a Denver radio station interviewed me about college fairs, paying for college, and the college admissions process. A podcast of the interview is available on the station's website.  To access the podcast, scroll down to August 9, 2014, hour 1.  The segment starts around 4:15 (4 minutes, 15 seconds).  

The College Search Process — Webinar Recording

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As explained in my January 17 blog post, I recently conducted a webinar on the college search process.  The topics I covered included the following: myths vs. realities in the college admissions process factors students should consider in their college search finding a college that’s a “good fit” what colleges look for [...]

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