Upcoming Workshops from Discovery College Consulting

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In March, Discovery College Consulting will be offering a free workshop in Denver and will be leading a seminar in Longmont. See below for details and registration information. Maximizing Your Chances for College Admission Are you concerned about the competitiveness of college admissions?  Wondering how you can stand out among [...]

The College Search Process — Webinar Recording

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As explained in my January 17 blog post, I recently conducted a webinar on the college search process.  The topics I covered included the following: myths vs. realities in the college admissions process factors students should consider in their college search finding a college that’s a “good fit” what colleges look for [...]

Surviving the Waiting Game

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For high school seniors, the bulk of the work involved in applying to college is now over, as most regular decision deadlines have passed.  However, for some students, the hardest part of the process has just begun: waiting to receive admissions decisions from colleges.  This may be especially difficult for [...]

Upcoming Webinar on the College Search Process

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On Thursday, January 23, at 11:00 a.m Mountain Time, I'll be conducting a webinar on how to begin the college search process.  Topics will include: myths vs. realities in the college admissions process factors students should consider in their college search finding a college that's a "good fit" what colleges [...]

Parents: “Hands Off” Your Kid’s College Essays

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In my last blog post, I offered advice to parents on how to help their children deal with stress caused by the college application process.  One of my suggestions was that parents minimize their conversations with their kids about college, as constant parental nagging only serves to increase students' stress. [...]

High School Senior Offers Advice on College Admissions

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I've written several blog posts recently about the stress involved in the college application process.  I've discussed how problems with the Common Application are adding to students' stress, offered tips for reducing stress, and shared humorous stories in an attempt to ease stress. In the November 17 edition of The Denver [...]

Common App Problems Add to Applicants’ Stress

By |2020-08-24T15:52:38+00:00November, 19, 2013|College Admissions, College Applications|

Although it hasn't generated as many headlines, the Common Application website has caused just as much frustration for college applicants as the healthcare.gov site has caused for healthcare consumers. The Common Application, or Common App, is an online application that's accepted by over 500 colleges.  The appeal is simple: fill [...]

George Washington University Misled Applicants

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In my September 25 blog post, "College Rankings Scandals" I described how George Washington University (GW) had, for over a decade, altered the data it reported to the government and to U.S News and World Report.  In an effort to improve its U.S. News ranking, GW inflated the class ranks of the [...]

Tips for Hiring a College Consultant

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I had another article published today on ExpertBecaon.com.  This one explains the role of a college consultant and suggests things to consider and questions to ask when hiring one.  You can read it here.

College Applications: The Importance of Proofreading

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It's the last week in October, which means that high school seniors are scrambling to finish their college applications in time for November 1 deadlines.  In their hurry to submit applications, students often forget the most important thing: proofreading!  Below is a picture of one of my student's applications.  Fortunately for [...]

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