Denver college consultant, Denver college consulting, Denver college counselor, Denver college counselingIn a recent USA Today article, college students and education professionals offered advice to high school seniors on how to spend their final semester of high school.  One piece of advice, which I’ve given to countless students over the years, is this: don’t slack off, because colleges can change their admissions decisions.

That’s right: just because a college accepts you based on your grades through the end of your junior year or the first semester of your senior year, that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in what you do second semester.  In fact, almost all colleges require students to send a final transcript, and colleges have the right to rescind their offers of admission.  They also can place incoming students on academic probation, which means that if a student doesn’t achieve a certain GPA within a certain amount of time at the college, he/she can be expelled.

As some of you may already know, senioritis is a highly contagious, debilitating illness, so it’s important to take every precaution you can to prevent yourself from catching it.  So continue to go to class, work hard, and study for tests just like you (hopefully) have done throughout high school.

At the same time, take advantage of the high school experiences that will soon be coming to an end.  In the aforementioned article, a current college sophomore advises students to attend high school events and participate in activities, even if they seem silly or a waste of time.  Years from now, when you look back, you don’t want to regret being so focused on your studies or so cynical about high school happenings that you missed out on the good times.

For more advice, you can read the entire article here.