The Effects of COVID-19 on Young People’s Mental Health

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Earlier this spring, in just a matter of days, high school and college students went from living their normal lives -- going to school, participating in sports and activities, hanging out with their friends -- to being stuck at home, forced to "social distance" and take classes online.  To say [...]

The (Un)likelihood of a College Athletic Scholarship

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High school students participate in sports for a variety of reasons: they thrive on the physical challenge, they enjoy the camaraderie of the team, they are motivated by competition, etc.  Whatever your reasons, hopefully the chance of a college athletic scholarship is not high on your list.  The odds of [...]

Smartphones and Teens’ Mental Health

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Smartphones have made many aspects of our lives easier and more productive.  I honestly don't know how I'd live my life or run my business without my phone.  I use my phone's calendar to keep track of appointments, social events, and even tasks I need to accomplish; I primarily use [...]

College Isn’t As Expensive As You Might Think

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$69,717.  That was the cost, for the 2016-2017 school year, to attend the most expensive college in the United States: Harvey Mudd College in California.  Although Harvey Mudd's price is the highest, many other private colleges aren't far behind.  According to Business Insider, there are at least 50 colleges that cost nearly $65,000 [...]

Life Skills You Should Learn Before Starting College

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The school year is almost over, which means that high school seniors will soon be graduating.  If you're heading off to college in the fall, take advantage of the next few months to learn how to do some basic tasks that will help ease your transition to college life.  Below [...]

The Hunting Ground: A Movie Every Student and Parent Should See

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No students think it will happen to them, and no parents think it will happen to their child.  Yet, according to the Department of Justice, one in five female college students is sexually assaulted.  Sexual assault is a real problem that exists on every college campus in this country, and [...]

Record Your Activities Early in Your High School Career

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Every fall, I see high school seniors struggle to fill out the activities section of their college applications.  For most students, the hardest part is trying to describe each activity in 150 characters or fewer, as required by the Common Application.  Yet for some students, the difficulties revolve around remembering what [...]

Surprised By Your ACT Writing Score? You’re Not Alone

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Enough of my Class of 2017 students have taken the ACT that I'm beginning to see a pattern in their Writing scores: compared to these students' scores on the other sections of the test, their Writing scores have been surprisingly low.  For example, one of my students had an English score of [...]

Welcome to Discovery College Consulting!

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Hello and welcome to Discovery College Consulting, LLC!  I'm excited to launch the website for my company, which I established in June 2013. Drawing on six years of experience as a high school counselor, I provide personalized assistance with the college search and admissions process.  I work with all kinds of [...]

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